Release Date: 2/24/2017

New Features

  • Close Order button in the stores can now directly adjust Warehouse Inventory for Warehouse orders
  • Vendor POs can be Closed from Locations\Store Center\Store Information screen, from any machine.
  • Ability to pull a suspended FieldStack Mobile send/receive transaction into the FieldStack desktop application and continue from there
  • Can now add or remove a Vendor from an item, directly on the Buying tab


  • Cost price on Send/Receive transactions now being recorded as total price instead of unit price
  • Double click on hand quantity columns: Item Location is back on POS search, with Inventory History on Item Listing QoH tab
  • Various improvements to Invoice Entry screen:
    • Initial entry now based on what was received and not what was ordered
    • Can now add an Invoice amount total to compare with calculated amount
    • Highlighted items where invoice entered price doesn't match the order price
    • "Needs Review" flag appears when invoice total is outside tolerance of what is expected
  • Special Order window now says "Order" "Hold" and "Complete" to better reflect what each button does
    • Order button is disabled when "Item Is On Hold" is checked

Bug Fixes

  • Reprint from Find Order screen was not printing the correct custom format
  • EDI files to Voxware could not be resent properly
  • Pending machine settings changes sometimes required a full FieldStack restart to take effect