New Features

  • Ability to distinguish between seller and manufacturer sponsored promotions.  In the future this designation will help drive further functionality and reporting
  • Discounts for sale prices and other discounts now show on receipts.
  • Can design customer vendor order layouts.  If a vendor has a specific format they need their order in, we can now add in new formats.
  • Discontinued items are marked on certain price labels format.  An "*" is appended to the item name. (Shelf talker labels only)
  • Safe Drop alert - You can now configure an alert to pop up if Cash in drawer is over a certain amount.


  • Can choose to show One Way/Non-Returnable as a column in the item listing screen.  Allows you to filter items that can be returned to distributors vs not.
  • If client is set to Tight Purchase Order Mode, you can now send against an incoming PO if you've received extra against it.
  • Track Login Method - We can now track if a user is logging in via Biometrics or traditional Login ID/Password
  • Extend Auto-Logout time frame during a credit card batch close.  This should prevent the batch close screen from getting lost in the background.
  • Better server-side logging of Batch Close process, plus retry up to 3x if batch close fails or times out.
  • Sales Total on Search Invoice now matches the amount of the payment/total due from the customer.
  • Missing and Extra report now sums per item
  • Can now adjust visible columns on the QOH tab of the Item Listing screen

Bug Fixes

  • Can now clear Item Filing Location on item edit screen. Previously it always defaulted back to 0.
  • FieldStack can open and fill all available monitors.  We've attempted to correct this issue.
  • WorthData scanners not properly marking PO's.
  • Credit Card batch totals were off if there was a Debit refund in the batch
  • BOGO's that were seller sponsored (reduce tax liability) would give Tax Exempt customers a Tax Credit
  • UPCs in loyalty program customer adjustment screen don't match the descriptions