Reverse/Void a Transaction

Sometimes it is necessary to completely reverse a transaction. (This is commonly called a "Void" in general language, but for purposes of FieldStack, they are the same function)

Am example scenario is a customer changes their mind about an entire transaction immediately after the purchase. It is often easier to reverse the transaction instead of ringing it all through as a refund.

First click the "Search Invoices" button on the POS tab.

This will bring up a list of the day's transactions, sorted by time. Highlight the transaction on the left, and the details will appear on the right. In this example, we just have one sale:

Click the Reverse Transaction button, and a dialog will pop up asking to confirm. It is letting you know that the transaction will be completely undone, reverting any inventory changes, cash or other payments, or customer points/credit used or gained.

A second dialog box will appear, asking for a short description.

If this is a Credit Card sale in a location with Integrated Credit, a third dialog box will pop up asking to confirm that you would like to Void the Credit Card payment. 

If successful, you will get a notification letting you know that the transaction has been reversed.

There will then be a new transaction on the Search Invoices screen, containing the same items and details of the original transaction, but with an opposite (negative) total.

Some Notes

PIN Debit card transactions CANNOT be reversed in this manner. They are immediately processed and cannot be reversed or voided. You may have to process the transaction as a refund of cash back, store credit, or a Credit Card refund depending on your policy.