In some cases, a store may have employees that accept tips as a part of their wage. In FieldStack, it's possible to add a Tippable Worker in a few short steps.

Enter the Locations tab and click on the 'Tippable Workers' button. You'll see a list of stores on the left. Clicking on one (or all) will show the current Tippable Workers for those locations. Click the 'New' button, enter the information for the worker, and press Finish. This adds the Worker and makes tipping out possible.

Add Tippable Worker from FieldStack on Vimeo.

An example case for this function might be a pet store that employs groomers that often receive tips for services. When an applicable service is sold to a customer, an option for paying a tip will appear.


In addition to adding the tip via the above pop up box, the POS will display two separate line items to differentiate the purchase of the service and the tip.

In order to cash out tips, simply go to the POS tab and click 'Tip Cash Out'. This prompts a window in which a worker can be chosen to cash out tips. Choose the worker and click OK. Then, finish the sale to cash out the worker's tips.