New Features

  • Employee Tip tracking - FieldStack now offers advanced tip tracking capability.  This is a company level setting.  When active, clients can add special tippable employees to FieldStack and track all tips associated with those employees.  Additionally tips are held in the drawer until a new tip cash out process is run at the point of sale.


  • Improvements to standard Tip functionality.  The customer receipt shows the tip as a tip instead of change.  The clerk is prompted to remove tip from drawer and a separate tip receipt is printed to go along with the tip that is pulled out of the drawer.
  • Integrated credit card process will now produce multiple signature receipts if multiple cards are used to pay for a sale
  • Integrated credit card closing process gives user a success message and allows for the printing of a batch close summary.  This is a company setting that can be turned off.
  • Marketplace Tracking in the order management screen will fall back to USPS Tracking if Endicia Tracking is not available.
  • Ability to enable/disable the reverse of credit card transactions on the Search Invoice screen.  This is now a location setting.

Bug Fixes

  • BOGO promotions that have a "get" greater than one now work as expected (e.g. Buy 4 get 2 free)
  • Quantity on Order column was not available on the Order Listing screen.  That has been made available.
  • Receipt fix for locations doing pre-owned buybacks where the buyback offsets sales tax. The sales tax offset was showing up as a purchase.
  • Part of the login screen doesn't clear after login.  Occasionally a piece of the login box would remain on top of FieldStack and block a small portion of the screen
  • Out of Stock report located in Store Center was missing the item's name
  • Point Of Sale Permission fix.  If an employee with access to a mode in the Point of Sale logs out and leaves the screen up, an employee who shouldn't have access to that mode can use that screen.  Now if an employee has send mode up and another employee without send mode logs in, that tab will become disabled and they will go to the next available point of sale screen.
  • Event Tickets entered through the Event Management screen were not updating the search engine.