The FieldStack mobile app has the same basic functionality as the desktop app when in send mode and relabel mode. Simply log in normally and select the desired function. 

Sending items 

Sometimes it's necessary to send an item or items out of inventory due to receiving error, theft, or spoilage.  Depending on company preferences a PO must be selected to send item(s) out of inventory. This is the same basic concept as the receiving process.

Relabeling Items 

Some clients may wish to relabel an item. Sometimes the price has changed, other times the label has been destroyed. This is most useful for media clients who have storefronts with individually labeled items. To relabel an item just choose the proper button from the menu to get into the relabel interface. Then choose the condition of the item (check box "NEW" for a new condition or leave blank for used) Then simply scan the desired items and save the transaction as normal.