In order to create a new invoice, or edit an existing one, open the "Inventory" tab and expand the "Vendors" drop down menu. Select "Invoice Entry".

All fields will be inaccessible at this point with the exception of the Purchase Order field. Enter the number for the purchase order you wish to invoice and press "Find". This will populate the form with an entire list of all items on order (not necessarily received) at the time the PO was created. 

While the item listings will populate automatically with the entry of a PO number, the terms, dates and invoice number will have to be entered manually, unless you are accessing an invoice that has already been completed. Only the "Vendor Invoice #" and "Invoice Date" must be entered in order for the form to be created. 

The "Total Due" and "Total Due With Terms" fields actively calculate the total of the invoice by referencing other fields, in particular the "Terms Discount %", the item "Qty" and "Unit Net Price" columns, and the "Allowances" and "Charges" fields. Both the "Qty" and the "Unit Net Price" columns may be edited, however, the "UPC", "Item" and "Description" columns may not.

In order to add an item to the invoice, click the "Add Unlisted Item" button located on the bottom left of the form. 

Doing so will bring up a search window.

Find the item you wish to add and press enter. The item will now be added to the bottom of the form. The totals should automatically update.

Once the form is complete, click the "Save" icon in the lower right hand of the screen.

Your invoice can now be accessed by referencing with the purchase order number or the invoice number in the "Invoice Management" tool.