Locating an invoice is quick and easy when using the "Invoice Management" tool. To navigate to the "Invoice Management" tool, open the "Inventory" tab. Expand the "Vendors" menu and select "Invoice Management".

The "Invoice Management" window contains two sections: the Invoice Management Queue and the Invoice Listing. The Invoice Management Queue contains a list of all the invoices still awaiting acknowledgement. The Invoice Listing contains a by-item listing of the selected invoice. 


You are able to search for a specific invoice by date, vendor and acknowledgement status. To search by date simply click the drop down forms and select the date range you desire. To locate an invoice that has been acknowledged from the queue already, simply check the "Acknowledged?" within the search area.

Once you have reviewed the invoice and wish to remove it from your acknowledgement queue, simply press the "Acknowledge" button located on the bottom of the form.