To review a customer's order history, expand the Search tab and open the Find Customer tool. If you have a unique identifier for the customer you wish to find, enter it into the search, otherwise, press the Advanced button to assist in finding the customer. Once you have found the customer you are looking for, press the Marketplace Orders button to pull up their webstore order history. 

The Customer Marketplace Orders screen has the order information and order navigation buttons on the top half of the screen and order details on the bottom half. Use the navigation buttons to move between orders. Here are the components of the navigation area:

    View/Edit Fulfillment Information: Use to Change address, manage shipping issues, retrieve tracking number etc.


    Editing Customer Information: Pulls up the Customer Edit screen to change basic information.

    Re-Activation Of Payment: Retries process of payment type (helpful for declined orders)

    Viewing Payment History: Returns payment information for a specific date range. 

You may scroll through the listed orders for the selected customer account by using the arrow navigation keys on the right hand side. The double arrows with the line selects the order at either the front or back of the list, pending which direction it is facing. The text between shows which order you are viewing / editing, ordered numerically by date, given the date range specified. To specify the date range, choose the starting date in the drop down menu and press refresh to return the list of orders.