The Marketplace Center is a tool designed for all your marketplace customer service needs. The Marketplace Center is located under the Retail tab in the Marketplace section of the ribbon. The Customer Service screen is split into two sections: the upper half is the Search area and the lower half contains the Order Details.


The Search tool has a few defining parameters to help narrow your search. To access the search function, click the bold Search button in the upper left hand corner. A menu will appear giving you the following search parameters:

  • Customer: Here you can search by name, customer code, or account id, or browse manually by clicking the  icon. The drop down menu next to the search icon defines the type of search.
  • Order Id / Item: Here you can search by the order ID, the item code, the GTIN, or search manually by pressing the  icon. The drop down menu next to the search icon defines the type of search.
  •  Condition: This defines the condition of the item. Default setting searches all conditions; however, you may also search specifically for new or used items.
  • Begin and End: These define the timeline in which you wish search, returning a list of orders placed within the dates defined.
  • Order Status: The status your search results orders can be defined here. The default setting shows All orders. You may filter for Open or Cancelled orders as well.
  • Fulfillment Status: This drop down menu defines search results to be: Picked, or, scanned in; Not Picked, or, not yet scanned in; or, the default, All.


Once you have defined your search parameters, press SEARCH. If you need to clear the form, press RESET.


The Search area has two different viewing configurations: by order and by item, which can be switched by clicking Toggle Order View

The by order configuration shows a list of orders that match your search criteria on the top half, while the bottom half contains a list of items contained within that order.

 The by item configuration shows only one list with all items in every order that matches your search criteria.


The status of an order is displayed in the last column of the customer service screen’s search results. Here is a list of the possible statuses of a web order:


  • Pending Batch: The order is queued for a position on an upcoming batch.
  • In Batch: The order is currently in a picking batch.
  • Packaged: The item is part of a batch and had been scanned in and packaged.
  • Shipped: The order has been shipped.
  • To Be Re-picked: Order did not get scanned out before the batch was closed and will be queued for the next picking batch.
  • Out of Stock: There is no stock for the item(s) on this order.
  • Charge Error: An error has occurred in payment. You may reprocess the payment by accessing the customer’s Order History, available under the Order Details tab, and pressing the Reactivate button.
  • Missing Tracking ID: A logistical error has occurred in shipping.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.
  • Bad Address: Addresses are check as the order is processed, if an address fails a check, additional validation will be required.
  • Risk: When an order throws a flag for potential fraud, the order will be on hold with this status. If the order has been found to be valid, simply select the specific store you wish the order to go to, or select a negative store number to have it automatically allocate the order.


Order Details

The Order Details section is comprised of four tabs. The four tabs are as follows: Order Details, Shipping Details, Communication, and Address Validation. 

Among other things, the Order Details tab contains the Customer's information, wherein a button titled Order History is located. The Order History button can be used to pull up a complete order history of the customer associated with the selected order. The order details also contains information about the item cost and shipping cost; item information, including the final price after adjustments, fields to enter in price adjustments, and some quick state changers for cancellation status and picking status; and finally a small section on shipping information.

Picking and package information can be found within the Shipping Details tab. In Shipping Details, the Package Details section contains information about the order’s package type and weight, shipped and estimated delivery dates, the Tracking Number and shipping cost.

The Communication tab contains an easy to use embedded tool for sending emails to the customer associated with the order.

The Address Validation contains the shipping address and a verification tool to check its legitimacy. The verification tool can pull a verified deliverable address for you if there has been a shipping error due to a faulty address.