• You can view the Scheduler in two ways other than the standard Weekly view. 

How to View the Timeline for a Day (Daily View)

  • Navigate to the header containing the name of the day (i.e. Monday).
  • Double-click that header to bring up the view in a new window.
  • If necessary, use the scroll bar to navigate to a later time in the day.
  • Use ESC to close the window.

The Daily View

How to View the Schedule Organized by Employee

  • Click the "View By Employee" button at the bottom-left of the Scheduler form.
  • This pops a window containing the current week, organized by employee.
    • It's read-only, the schedule can't be edited from this screen.
  • Use the checkbox at the top-right to toggle between all store employees and only scheduled employees.
  • Use Print to print a sheet that shows this window, as you have organized it. 
  • Click First Name, Last Name, or Total Hours to organize the chart in ascending or descending order
  • Use ESC to close the window.

View by Employee