In the event that an order has been created with an unverified shipping address or a bad address, the order's status will be listed as "Bad Address". 

To fix the order, a valid address will have to be entered using the Address Validation tool in the Marketplace Customer Service screen. Begin by searching for and selecting the affected order, and opening the Addresses tab.

Within this tab you will find a shipping address field titled Shipping Address that is populated with the customer entered address.

If you wish to check a different address than what was entered with the order, enter the new address here, and press Verify Address

After you click Verify Address, the Address Verification window will appear and show you the new address suggested by the address validation service. It will almost always request a change, where the Validation window makes every lowercase into a capital letter, and adds the last four digits of the zip code to the address. Unless you see that something has been entered incorrectly, hit Use Verified Address

Once you've done this, the verified address appears in the Shipping Address fields. If everything looks correct, hit Save Changes. This will complete the address change for the customer. 


Once a validated shipping address has been found, you may then reprocess the order with the new address.