Sometimes you may wish to block specific items from being listed automatically on Amazon, or being available for order through your web store. Items may include generic sales items (such as grab bags, VHS tapes, Incense, etc) or limited edition items you want to save for your in-store customers (such as Record Store Day items).

Blocking items can achieved by opening up the {Edit Item} screen and changing the 'Additional Type' to either IN1, or IN2. This configuration MUST be set in the 'Additional Type' field in order for the items to be properly blocked. 

No Marketplace Sales (IN2) : Blocks item from being automatically listed on Amazon or other marketplaces. DOES NOT block item from appearing on the web store. Use this if you want something to be sold through your website, but not through Amazon.

No Internet Sales (IN1) : Blocks item from being listed on any internet platform including web store, amazon, ebay, etc. This is the only way to block an item from being available on the web store. Use this if you want items to be block entirely from all internet sales.

If an item is marked as NO INTERNET SALES, it will also show up as purple in item search results, like this: