New Features

  • Advanced Coupon functionality
  • FedEx SmartPost is now available for Marketplace Fulfillment
  • Customer Overview panel now available on Customer Edit screen.  Includes access to the Customer's Edit history and Email Notification history.
  • Loyalty Program Landing pages - In Edit Web Store Content you can now setup landing pages for manufacturer loyalty programs.  When in place, customers are linked to them in relevant notifications
  • Recording discounts off normal selling price in the following circumstances:    
    • Employee Price Overrides, 
    • Promotion Sale Prices, Coupons
    • Customer Discount Code
    • Loyalty Program Redemption
    • Bulk Purchase Discount
    • Marketplace Customer Service Discounts
    • Variance from Sticker Price to Current Selling Price
  • Ability to fulfill eligible Scheduled Shipment orders via the Same Day Delivery infrastructure.


  • BOGO was always giving the cheapest item free.  Now it will pair up as if you have a buy 1 get 1 free and have some items that are $2 and some items that are $3; when you buy 2 $2 items and 2 $3 items you'll get a $2 Free and a $3 item free.  Previously you'd get both $2 items for free.
  • No longer able to update a filing location on the item edit screen to a negative/system value.
  • Employee Photo column removed from Employee List.  It can't be filled in and was just taking up space.
  • Editing a Promotion with lots of items has a performance improvement

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Edit screen was not populating payroll Id
  • Employee Edit screen would incorrectly tell user there were unsaved changes when there weren't
  • Item Edit History was showing extraneous information.  It's now been cleaned up.
  • The filter buttons on the Find Special Order screen in the Point of Sale were not working
  • Reprint/Email Receipts button on the Customer Edit screen wasn't always available when it should be
  • FieldStack becomes un-maximized in certain circumstances and difficult to restore to normal size.
  • Retry Credit Card dialog could get hidden in Point of Sale