FieldStack has a new capability that allows it to create virtual cases for Web Store purchases. A virtual case acts like a "shell" that tells FieldStack there has been more than one of the same item ordered by an online customer. This is necessary so that FieldStack can, for example, gather 12 items for a single order when an online customer orders 1 item (the case). 

To create a virtual case, you will first need to find a product you would like to sell a case of. Let's go through an example. 

First, let's look for Weruva Dog Paw Lickin' Chicken, a popular item. When you have found the item you want to create a virtual case of, right-click and look for the "Add/Edit Case Item" button. It looks like this: 

IMPORTANT: You can only ever create one virtual case item for a regular item. If you try to create another one, it simply takes you to the current virtual case item to edit it. 

When you create your new virtual case item, you will need to change the following critical pieces to turn this into a virtual case. Everything else about the previous item, including Attributes and their Values, will remain the same. 

External and Internal Extended Description

You will want to add clear text that distinguishes this virtual case item as a case. In the Extended Descriptions (both of them) you will want to put "Case Of". To determine case quantity, go back to the original item and check the Additional Information section for price information. In the case of our Weruva example, we found a case is 12 cans. 

And now our Extended Descriptions look like this:

List Price

The list price must change to be the price of the virtual case, without tax. To find this, go back to your original case quantity information in the item. As we saw with the Weruva item, a case is 12 cans. Grab the UPC of the item and go to the POS screen. Paste it in the Scanner box, and change the quantity to the number of cans in the case. This will show you the subtotal of the cost of a case of that item. Let FieldStack do the math for you.

Weruva turns out to be $39.96 per case. 

Once you've determined the cost of a case before tax, you can add it to the virtual case item.

Add an Image

Don't forget to "Save" and upload a primary image via the Details tab on the Item Listing screen. The image from the original item will not copy over. 

Once you save after changing the name, the image, and the price, you have your virtual case item! The UPC will automatically generate. Look for the item on the Web Store to ensure that it has become a virtual case item. It will look like this: