Creating a Special Order with a Deposit

Sometimes it is necessary to take a deposit from the customer when placing a special order. It may be an expensive item that you want to make sure the customer truly wants, or a pre-order incentive may be available that requires money up front.

Information about placing special orders can be found here.

On the Special Order screen, enter a price in the Deposit field:

This will add a Deposit line item to the POS screen:

Complete this like any other sale, and the special order now contains a deposit amount!

Selling a Special Order with Deposit

When scanning a special order label that contains a deposit, you will get two line items; the item itself, and the deposit line:

Cancelling a Special Order with Deposit

If you need to cancel a special order that contains a deposit, it's often necessary to refund the money to the customer. Normally, relabeling a special will cancel it and print a new shelf label.

When the special order contains a deposit though, it will prompt you with this question:

You can still cancel it this way, but the deposit will still remain, and will require advanced permission and asking to the complete Customer Special Orders screen to properly handle.

What you should do is:

From the POS screen, find the special order and hit Complete:

This will cancel the special order, and add a deposit refund to the screen:
Now you can refund as you would any other item.