New Features

  • If a store is set-up to be able to send to other locations, users can now create a Store Transfer order directly from Send Mode with a new "Create Transfer" button on the Current Orders screen in Send Mode. All stores specified in its current store group are available to send to.  An open PO is immediately created that the user can then fill and send. This is an internal Location based setting that must be turned on for a store by FieldStack support.


  • Any FedEx shipping label now shows the order number attached to that package in the Reference field on the FedEx label.
  • Delivery Instructions no longer appear in the "Add New Address" form on the web store. This includes on the Checkout page, and under the customer's Account > Addresses page.

Bug Fixes


  • Carrier and Mail class no longer get out of sync when repurchasing postage in the Postage Screen, which is located in Marketplace Mode during batch fulfillment.
  • Successfully completed and delivered web store orders no longer show Deferred as the final mail class in Marketplace Center. 
  • Deferred Multi-Piece FedEx shipments with more than 2 packages now increment correctly on the FedEx postage label (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.)

Order Processing

  • Sales tax on orders with adjustments (both charges and refunds) is now recorded correctly during the processing of those orders in FieldStack, which occurs after the order has been fulfilled.
  • If all the items in an order are cancelled, the discounts on that same order are now recorded correctly as a reversal on the back end.
  • Tax exempt customers are no longer charged and then refunded a tax amount on any POS transaction, no matter the type of coupon included in the transaction (Promotion coupon or Loyalty coupon, Macro coupon, or Manual coupon). As expected, tax exempt customers are never charged tax.


  • The Extended Name and External Name fields for items are no longer truncated by the attribute synchronization process in FieldStack
  • The process for the header image on receipts no longer queries when a receipt is printed if FieldStack is in Offline/Resiliency Mode. This results in a <1 second print time for receipts when FieldStack is offline.