Changes and Improvements

General Point of Sale Improvements

  • Change Quantity dialog box now overwrites the text (it would previously append to existing value).
  • Differentiate between Drawer open/count/close dialog boxes. (They previously all had the same title)
  • Customer Search improvement. Handles spaces and commas better.
  • New machine level setting to allow POS search results to display unavailable items by default.  Presently the clerk must uncheck a box to view unavailable item.
  • Can now re-print or email a receipt from the Customer Edit->History screen
  • Ability to restrict the editing of customer notes based on user level.   Contact FieldStack if you'd like to restrict certain user levels and we can set that up.
  • New company level setting to require a loyalty card for customer's wishing to sell back items.  When set to true, you cannot complete a buyback unless a customer is attached to transaction.
  • New machine level setting to remove the Credit Card button.  This would be useful if you have a temporary register that is setup as a cash only register.


Search Invoices screen

  • Scannable transaction bar code on printed and emailed receipts that brings Search Invoices directly to that transaction.
  • When looking at a Credit/Debit transaction in Search Invoices, you can now double-click on the reference field that contains the payment Id and see payment details of that transaction.
  • From Search Invoice screen you can now save a receipt as an image so that it can be saved and sent as an attachment


Customer Merge Improvements 

  • Easier to use and more difficult to mess up accounts.
  • Previously you had to merge into the Web active account, now you can merge the Web active account into a non-Web active account. 
  • Previously store level associates couldn't merge Web active accounts, now they can
  • Account history will now show the transactions under the account that remains open


Customer Account Details

  • New Option: Warning and flow for handling duplicate customer accounts.  If you add a new customer account and the phone number or email matches an existing active account, it will give  you a warning and ask if you want to see those accounts.  Same flow for editing an existing account
  • New Option: force proper Email Address format validation on Customer Edit screens (require __@__.__ format)
  • No longer giving new customers without an enter birth date a default value of 1/1/1900.  They are now just blank.
  • Customer Overview 
  • panel now available on Customer Edit screen.  Includes access to the Customer's Edit history and Email Notification history.
  • You can now export a customer's Web shopping cart from the customer management area.
  • Removed restriction of $999.99 from the customer add credit area.


Customer Special Orders

  • Store staff can edit customer contact information on previously placed special orders in their location.
  • No longer prints a special order slip when cancelling a special order.
  • The customer Special Order History button previously only showed open special orders in that location.  It now shows all special orders for the customers in all locations.

      Under the "Customer Special Orders" screen (Customers tab >> Customer Special Orders), there is now an Advanced Search, which includes the ability to sort by:

      Customer Name

1      Customer Code

2      Special Order Code

3      Email

  • UPC



  • Advanced Coupon functionality
  • An entirely new Coupon and promotion engine, capable of things such as category-wide promotions, BOGO sales, auto-applied discounts, customer specific coupons, and much more.
  • BOGO was always giving the cheapest item free.  Now it will pair up as if you have a buy 1 get 1 free and have some items that are $2 and some items that are $3; when you buy 2 $2 items and 2 $3 items you'll get a $2 Free and a $3 item free.  Previously you'd get both $2 items for free.
  • UPC Column now part of the Promotion Edit screen
  • New button in the "Sale" and "Position" tabs in Item List for searching Sale and Position history of an item.
  • Double-clicking the promotion name on Position tab of the Item Find screen now opens the promotion.




  • Recording discounts off normal selling price in the following circumstances:
  • Employee Price Overrides, 
  • Promotion Sale Prices, Coupons
  • Customer Discount Code
  • Loyalty Program Redemption
  • Bulk Purchase Discount
  • Marketplace Customer Service Discounts
  • Variance from Sticker Price to Current Selling Price
  • Ability to fulfill eligible Scheduled Shipment orders via the Same Day Delivery infrastructure.
  • Sales Comparison report now shows the dates you are comparing against.  Previously you just say the number of days (e.g. 364) and had to calculate what those dates were.
  • Items marked as "No Internet Sales" now highlight purple in item search results



  • Employee Scheduler - 
  • Ability for employees to request time off and managers approve it.
  • Ability to create a shift as inactive and then activate when ready for employees to view
  • An employee view of their own schedule


  • Vendor Management screen updated.  Removed redundant confirmations, give warning if there are unsaved changes and moved save button to lower left corner.
  • View Item History button added to the Item Edit screen
  • New screen to view credit card Batch Closes (Locations tab)
  • Store Center can now manage a few of the location settings. (sales tax, timezone, point rate)



New Marketplace and Web Store

Marketplace Order Fulfillment

  • Now available via through Point of Sale
  • Ability to pick multiple batches at once
  • Ability to utilize the Zebra printer for printing 6x4 shipping labels and packing slips
  • Improved Gift Card longer need to pre-load them.
  • FedEx Shipping Integration from new marketplace, including multi-piece shipments


Marketplace Customer Service

  • Customer Assist Mode
  • Refunding Customers
  • Address checking and validation
  • Create and Email a return shipping label


Web Store Content Management

  • Section Management - Ability to setup sections based on Product Attributes.   Sections then can be bound to Web Store pages.
  • Event Notification System - Comprehensive overview coming


Product Attributes 

  • New button on inventory tab - Find Items (Attributes)
  • Ability to add multiple images to an item


Same Day Delivery Fulfillment Support

  • Alerts location they have a Same Day Delivery order pending
  • Supports special Delivery Instructions


Buy Online, Pickup in Store 

  • In Store Pickup shipping option for customers to choose in Web store checkout
  • In Store Pickup item availability on the product page, and product tiles in search results
  • In Store Pickup is now a mail class across FieldStack, and has its own label
    • Each In Store Pickup label has a "Mark as Delivered" bar code that can be scanned at the Point of Service when the customer comes to pick up their order
    • Same Day Delivery orders have a similar bar code that functions the same
  • In Store Pickup flashing button in FieldStack for enabled stores
  • In Store Pickup Marketplace order item added to POS receipt for physical receipts in store and the email POS receipt
  • In Store Pickup mail class added to Marketplace Center mail class dropdown
  • In Store Pickup transactions can be found under "Journal Entry" transaction types in Find Transaction
    • These are connected to an "E-commerce Order" green cell that can be double-clicked, and takes the user to that order in Marketplace Center
  • Please contact FieldStack to enable this functionality


FedEx SmartPost is now available for Marketplace Fulfillment


Streamlined Store To Store Product Transfers 

  • Dynamically creates a purchase order for expecting store to receive against based on what sending store sends.
  • Better tracking to make sure product is making it to destination.