You will often have to send or receive product.  This might be because an order from a vendor has arrived, an item is damaged, stolen, lost or found.

The buttons to enter the send and receive modes are located adjacent to the relabel mode button.

The screens to send and receive items look almost identical to that of the relabel screen.  You have the same buttons and check-boxes to select whether an item is of new or used condition, whether to print labels, and if the item should be allowed to transfer.  

When sending items out of inventory, scan them in as usual while keeping in mind what options you should have selected.  If you scan an item's label the "New" and "Used" button will automatically select the condition contained in the sticker's barcode. If you scan the physical barcode of an item instead of the price label, the item will scan as the condition selected, so be careful to have the appropriate condition selected if scanning items without using the price label. Note that Condition, Print Labels, and Allow Transfer settings only apply when an item is scanned, so changing these selections after an item has already been scanned in will not alter those settings for that item retroactively.

If you're sending an item out of inventory it should always have an order tracking number associated with it.  This doesn't always have to be a specific number, but it should at least be a rough description of why you're sending the item. Assign a tracking number by clicking the "Assign Tracking Number" (ALT + P) button.

An example of a tracking number you could use if you're sending an item out of inventory due to damage.

Other times, you'll have a more specific and individualized tracking number to use.

If sending out an item that is going to be included in an order already sent out, you can click on the "Current Orders" button at the bottom of the screen.

You will then be shown a list of outstanding orders from which to select from. This will look the same in Send and Receive Mode; the terminology will just be different in each mode.

Once you assign a tracking number in Send or Receive Mode, it will appear in each of the item listings until the process is completed or until the tracking number is changed.

The receiving screen works in exactly the same way, except that you'll be receiving items instead of sending them.