FieldStack includes an internal e-mail client to aid in in-store and inter-store communication.  The email client can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the top left corner of the screen, or pressing ALT+E. 

If you have any unread mail, a red exclamation point will appear over the email symbol.

The email client is simpler than many that you might use for an office or for your personal email.  This makes it easy to check, respond to, and send emails.  Emails are always sorted chronologically and separated by day, making them very easy to sort and read through.


There are several sets of useful primary buttons.


Compose - Opens a window in which to compose an email

Inbox - The default screen; shows your active emails (read and unread)

Sent Items - Shows emails you've sent

Saved Items - Emails that you've saved

Deleted Items -  Emails that you've deleted

Find - Opens a window from which to search for emails

Lower Pane

Reply All - Composes an email to be sent to all recipients of the selected message

Reply - Composes an email to be sent to the sender of the selected message

Forward - Composes an email to forward the selected message to another person

Delete - Deletes the email (moves it to your "Deleted Items" window)

Save - Moves the email to your "Saved Items" window

Export PDF - Exports the email to a PDF file to be saved on your local computer

Print - Prints the email

Composing Emails and Address Book

When composing a new email you'll be presented with this window.  There are two ways to select a recipient for your email - you can select them from the Address Book, or quickly enter addressees by beginning to type the name of the recipient.

Using the Address Book:

Click the To button and bring up the Address Book. You can find recipients grouped by store location using this method.

To select a recipient, simply double-click on their name. They'll then be added to the "selected Contacts" side of the window and removed from the "Available Contacts" side. You can add as many recipients as you wish; then, click "Done" and type your message.

Entering addressees by name:

Begin typing the name of the person you want to email, and the field will generate a few options. You can select the desired name from the list of recipients that drops down from the address bar with the mouse or touchscreen, or you can hit Enter to auto-complete the name when it is highlighted in the selection list. If you have multiple addressees, you can repeat the process until all desired recipients have been added. 


Using the "Find" button can help you find a emails in your mailboxes. In this case, searching for "Notice" will return all emails involving Notice as either the sender, recipient or as a word contained in a message. It will let you know how many emails it has returned in its search. 

The search window is fairly dynamic in that you can search for Senders, Stores, Subjects, or content. You can click on any email in the search results to display it, and from there use the normal action buttons to Reply, Forward, etc. You can also double-click the email to open it in its own dedicated window, just as you can from any of your mailboxes.

When you are done with the search, click "Hide Search Panel" to return to your normal inbox view.