New Features

  • An Internal Customer Notes section has been added under the License and Additional Info tab in the Customer Edit window. It is not viewable by the customer and will not print on receipts or be visible on the web.
    • If a customer profile has notes within this field, the customer name will appear in purple rather than black. Example:

  • A new Employee Scheduler has been introduced for Store Managers and Office Administration. A detailed How-To article has been created for your convenience. This initial release version includes the following features:
    • The ability to email individual schedules to everyone in the store with a single button.
    • A daily view of the schedule.
    • A sortable weekly view of employees and their individual schedules.
    • more features coming soon


  • Filters have been updated to include options such as Multi-Select and Search inside the Filter drop-down.
  • An additional set of menus have been added to the WYSIWYG Editor under Web Details on the Item Edit screen. 

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Redeem for Buy X did not work in some instances.
  • Sales Report on the Retail Tab threw an exception.
  • Marketplace Center bottom panel was blocked off by a series of unorganized tabs.