Occasionally it will be necessary to view outstanding special orders.  You might do this to check the status of a particular order, to search for an item on a dot list, to find and cancel an order, or any other number of reasons.

To access the Special Orders screen, click on the "Find Special Order" button (ALT + F8).

Once at the "Find special order" window you have multiple methods of sorting them.  The special order screen behaves in much the same way the search screen does.  You can search by customer name or by item name if you wish.

You can also use the "All Arrived" (ALT + A) and "All In Process (Alt + P) to bring up orders waiting to be picked up and orders that still have yet to arrive.  You can also further sort your search results with the columns at the top: UPC, description, customer, telephone, email, and arrival date.


If you have a customer pulled up for a transaction or to order an item and they'd like to know what outstanding orders they have, it is unnecessary to go to the "Edit Customer" and then the "Special Orders" screens.  Instead, simply click on the "Find Special Order" (Alt + F8) button and the window will automatically bring up all orders for the currently selected customer.  If you wish to view orders other than that customer's while still keeping them selected, simply replace the text that appears in the search bar when the "Find Special Order" screen appears.