Go To Web Details

In FieldStack you have the ability to edit item information under the Edit Item screen: 

  • Search for an item and navigate to the Item Listing screen.
  • Double-click the item name to open the Edit Item screen.
  • Look for the Web Details tab on the left, and click it.

Different Places for the WYSIWYG Form

Under Web Details you will find two different places to edit product information. Each data location, Web Description and Manufacturer Description, has its own WYSIWYG Edit button under the description. Depending on the data you would like to alter, choose the button that best fits your purposes. 

  • Web Description WYSIWYG Edit is the most commonly used, and will display useful information to online shopping customers who visit your website. 
  • Manufacturer Description WYSIWYG Edit will display additional information for a product on websites across FieldStack. For this reason, it may not be available to many users. 

Where the Descriptions show up on a live site.

Respective Web Description and Manufacturer Description Buttons