There are two kinds of pages that can be added to the Web Store, Category Pages and Content Pages. Both of these page types can be created under the Edit Web Store Content button under the Marketplaces tab in FieldStack. 

First, you will want to navigate to the Marketplaces tab in FieldStack, and click Edit Web Store Content. It will look like this: 

You will always leave Section Type as "Category" no matter what kind of page you are creating. Both page types can be created under this screen.

Creating Category Pages

The first thing you will do every time you create a new page (of any kind) is to click the "New" button in the bottom left hand corner of the Web Store Content Management screen.  

This New button will create a new page, which is visible in the left hand column. It will have an automatically assigned Section Id, so you never have to worry about that. Section Name will continue to be blank until you fill in the information in the Info tab, on the right side of the Web Store Content Management window. 

The Info Tab

Fill out: 

- Name

- Extended Name

- Page Title

- Keywords (SEO)

- Description (The description that shows up under the name of the page when someone sees it on Google)

- Title (What shows up in the browser when a customer is online) 

- SEO Name (The title that shows up when someone sees this page on Google)

To make this a category page, we will have to choose a Promotion or Section that was created before we made this page. You can find more about Section Management in another of our articles. 

Click the dropdown and select the Section that is right for this category. 

Below you will find an example of the Fromm Family Foods page, which shows all the information filled out for the Fromm Family Finds page. 

Here you can see how thorough you want to be when creating the Meta/SEO information. You can also see the Section that was chosen for this page. It is the Fromm Family Finds Brand Section, created in Section Management prior to the creation of the page. 

The HTML Tab

The HTML tab allows you to control any content that you want to appear at the top of the page, before the products listings. These products will correlate to the Products Section chosen in the Info tab. You can edit two types of content: the primary content, and the footer content that appears below the products listings. Simply click "Edit Content" or "Edit Footer" and an HTML/WYSIWYG form will pop up. You can find the article on the HTML/WYSIWYG form here

Here's an example of a Fromm video and description that will appear on the Fromm Family Finds page. 

The Menu Tab

This is an important tab. This tab determines whether or not your new page appears in the primary menu. You must make sure that "Visible in Menu" is checked before the page will be available for customers to see and browse. This allows you to edit a page that is not yet live, and will not affect a customer's experience. 

If you the tab to simply redirect the user to a different page, insert a link into the Link Url field. 

If you'd like some HTML to show up on that menu item, click "Edit Menu HTML", where you will be able to use the HTML/WYSIWYG form. 

In the case of our Fromm Family Foods example, the page must only be visible in the menu. 

Now, let's see what our menu item, and Category page, look like!

This is where the menu item appears:

This is what our Category Page looks like: