Go to the Inventory Tab in FieldStack, and find the button in the Inventory category that says Assortment Planning. Click that, and under it you will find Section Management.


Sections correspond to Rules that you can create based on Item Attributes. You will need to make a Section before you can create a Web Store page that focuses on a certain Attribute. 

For example, this page below corresponds to the Section labeled Web Store - Dog Travel.

Here is the Section the previous web page corresponds to. You can see that "Dog Travel" includes the Dog Travel value under the Attribute Type "Type." 

Any product that is assigned any one of those values will appear on the Travel Gear page.

Create a New Section

To create a new Section, you will first click the Add Section button in the bottom left hand corner of the Section Management window. 

A window will pop up that asks you to name your Section. For now, you don't have to worry about filling out any other part of the Section Information form. If these values (Slot Count, etc.) must be revisited later, they can be added via the Edit Details button in the bottom left hand corner. Just name the Section for now. 

Your newly named Section will appear in the left hand column at the bottom of the list. (The column is not alphabetically organized, it is chronologically organized.) The Section Management window will also open this section for you to edit and add a new Rule. Any new Rules you add will appear on the left, under the Rules list. 

Add Rules to Define Section

First, you'll want to find the Add Rule button on the right side of the Test Section top panel. (See Above) When you click it, a Rule Details window will pop up, and ask you add at least one attribute. 

Next, you'll click the Add Attribute button in the bottom left corner of the Rule Details button. 

You'll want to select an Attribute Type next, such as Flavor, Brand, Breed Size, or Pet Type. You can choose multiple Attribute Types, but each Attribute Type will be its own inside the Rule Details. In this case, we're going to make a new "Fowl Flavors" Rule with Attribute Flavor set to Chicken, Duck, and Turkey. Here's how we would do that:


Once you've chosen your Attribute Type and values to start this Rule, hit Save. This will save your selection and take you back to Rule Details. 

We still want to make sure this will only show Dog related flavors, so let's select Add Attribute again and choose Pet Type: Dog as our next Attribute value selection. Click Save. 

Now your rules will combine together and form a rule that will only show us items that have the Flavor attribute of Chicken, Duck, or Turkey and the Pet Type attribute Dog. 

Click Save again to create the rule and save the details. Now your Rule will appear in your Section, and has been applied! The next step is to attach the Section to a page.

Attaching a Section to a Page

To attach a Section to a Page, go to the Marketplaces Tab and find Edit Web Store Content. Follow the instructions on either Category Pages or Content Pages to add a Section to a page. Make sure that you always check your page to ensure the products you're hoping for will appear. If not, you may need to find the products you are looking for in FieldStack, and add the Attribute Types and Values to the products you want to appear on your Section page.