There are two different methods for adding content to Web Store pages within the Web Store Content Management window in FieldStack. You can find Web Store Content Management under Marketplaces.

You'll be able to find the Content Editor for pages when you select a page in the left column, and choose the Html tab on the right side of the Web Store Content Management window. From there, you can choose which of the two sections of the Content Page that you would like to edit. (Find out more about how this tab works for Category Pages)

Both the Edit Content and Edit Footer buttons will bring up the same Content Editor. It looks like this:

The Content Editor will open into the Html tab automatically, but you can click WYSIWYG and it will immediately take you to the visual editor where you can easily import images, video links, and format text properly. 

HTML Editor

The HTML Editor is simply a window in which you can enter any HTML you'd like to apply to the page. This can be content, styles, or something you do to clean up the code after you've used the WYSIWYG Editor. It's the "back end" of the page, so it will fill in with corresponding code even if you only ever use the WYSIWYG Editor. 


The WYSIWYG Editor has many different options for editing and controlling the content on a page. There are multiple ways to Insert video, images, horizontal break lines, and more. There is also a Primary Menu that allows you to work with content. You can also Paste from another source of information, and strip the style coming from the original source so it does not disturb the current page styles.