There will be times when a customer may need to adjust a scheduled shipment in their Auto Ship subscription and may be unable to make the necessary changes themselves. You can help the customer manage this information with FieldStack. FieldStack has a Shipping Schedules tab inside the Customer Edit screen that can be accessed in two different ways. 

If you know the customer's name, you can find their Auto Ship schedule using the Find Customer button on the POS screen, or Find Customer under the Customers tab

If you do not know the customer's name, you can go to the Retail tab and open Marketplace Customer Service to find the order another way. 

Once you have opened the Customer Edit window, navigate to the Shipping Schedules tab. 

From this tab under Customer Edit, you can:

  • De-Activate any active Auto Ship schedules
  • Activate any inactive Auto Ship schedules
  • Reschedule any Auto Ship schedule. If you press this button, it will cause the Auto Ship schedule to start again today. 

You can also see the result of the Auto Ship schedule in this window, if you need to troubleshoot an Auto Ship order and are looking for that data.