New Features

  • In Marketplace Mode in an open batch, clerks can now right-click on any UPC in the Scan Out Detail Grid on the right side of the screen and choose "Send to Customer Service". The item then moves to store -100, where it can be dealt with in the event that the clerk needs to remove the item from the batch and potential future batches.
  • A new Location based setting has been added that allows a store to use the 9th screen in FieldStack POS Mode to use imported gift cards for typical gift card functions, including: checking the value of the gift card, using the gift card in a transaction, and loading funds onto the gift card.  Utilizing this functionality requires set-up by FieldStack so please reach out to us if it's required.


  • In Marketplace Customer Service, item names are now included in Cancellation events noted under the Communication tab for an order in Marketplace Center.
  • In the Content Management area, the HTML validator in any HTML form ignores optional changes in the form if the changes would be recommendations. This includes tags such as </p>.
  • Loyalty reward program numbers are now rounded and floored to two decimal places on the in store receipt footer. Example: 5.446 out of 12 would round to 5.45.

Bug Fixes

Marketplace Mode

  • Previously, the weight on the Postage screen is no longer "locked" and Deferred is not the postage option when a deferred postage label is scanned in before the batch is closed. The weight remains unlocked and the order's mail class appears as it should.
  • When the F11/Packing Slip button is pressed on any item for which no postage status has been yet determined in an open Marketplace Mode batch, a Zebra packing slip label with no barcode will print. 
  • The Marketplace Scan Out Detail Grid on the right side of the Marketplace Mode screen only displays items that have no yet been scanned in to that order or batch.
  • Only postage labels that were handled by the clerk but not yet printed during the time the batch was open now print when the batch is closed, and the clerk prints the labels. 
  • Non-primary UPCs now work when scanned in Marketplace Mode. 
  • Incorrect barcode values ($MD-00000000 or $MD-99 etc) produce a warning window in Marketplace Mode instead of an exception. 


  • Cancelling a Marketplace Gift Card item no longer creates an out of balance transaction.


  • Upcoming Auto Ship Notifications no longer send if the Auto Ship Schedule contains no items.