New Features

  • Warning and flow for handling duplicate customer accounts.  If you add a new customer account and the phone number or email matches an existing active account, it will give  you a warning and ask if you want to see those accounts.  Same flow for editing an existing account
  • Proper Email Address Format Validation on Customer Edit screens
  • Ability to edit static string values used on the Webstore.  For example, if you want to rename "Cart" to "Basket", this would be the place to do it.


  • When using Stage All you are now given a verification prompt that confirms you want to stage that order.  The confirmation includes some basic information about the order.
  • Improved work-flow around cancelling a Marketplace order that was previously marked as lost-damaged and making sure customer is refunded desired amount.
  • UPC Column now part of the Promotion Edit screen
  • In Point of Sale, the Refund Quantity dialog box now overwrites the text (it would previously append to existing value).
  • Differentiate between Drawer open/count/close dialog boxes.  They previously all had the same title.
  • Vendor Item Case Quantity is now an optional field on the order listing screen

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Edit Screen would sometimes give an erroneous "You have unsaved changes" warning
  • The printable employee schedule had incorrect date/day header information 
  • You were previously able to un-check Print Labels in Relabel mode
  • You were able to create a Virtual Case item from a Virtual Case item.  This is no longer allowed.