New Features

  • Quick-Chip support – Quick-Chip allows customers to enter their credit card prior to being prompted.  FieldStack has been updated to support this workflow.   The terminals will need to be configured separately via a request to TSYS. (since releasing, it has been shown that functionality on the terminals isn't quite ready)
  • Ability to bulk add a list of UPCs to coupons
  • Embargo Expiration Date added to Items – You can now hide items from customers on the Webstore and in search up until a specified date and time.  This is managed on the item edit screen.



  • Reversing a Receive transaction restores original state
  • Payouts, Store Credit and Loyalty Points transactions are now tied to Audits
  • Coupon codes can no longer be duplicated
  • Minimum price threshold for “signature-required” transactions can be set for all card types. This can be set using a new machine setting called “All Credit Cards Minimum Signature Limit”.
  • Additional information added to Product Attribute area in Point of Sale.
  • “Shipping Schedules” tab hidden for clients not using auto-ship
  • Duplicate email check functionality extended to Verify Email pop-up
  • “Email” tab added to Marketplace Customer Service screen to allow for easier communication with customers.
  • Searching by Email address in Marketplace Center is now supported – Enter email address or customer name in customer field.
  • Marketplace name now displayed in marketplace search results grid
  • Item Number/Catalogue Number restored to Item Search Result screen in Point of Sale


Bug Fixes

  • Edit Promotion dialog controls would misalign if it was resized
  • Null Value error when adding Consignment Items fixed
  • “Sections” removed from “Add Item To Promotion” drop-down
  • Vendor dropdown on EDI Acknowledgements screen populates correctly
  • Items cannot be added to closed marketplace picking batch
  •  “Account Closed” text no longer hidden in Customer Edit form