New Features

  • Customer Display refresh
  • Company level option to remove Customer Gender from the customer edit/create screen if that is something that they do not want to track.  If Gender option is active there are now two additional options, Non-Binary and Omitted 
  • Ability to suppress "D" buyback price labels.  This is done through a location level setting.


  • Ability to remove items from active Pick Batches from the Marketplace Customer Service screen (with a warning)
  • The promotion screen would refresh unnecessarily.  Now it only refreshes if you click on a different promotion, add items to the current promotion or edit the current promotion.
  • The Marketplace Customer Service screen now fits on a 1024x768 screen.
  • Now recording the logon that closes a vendor order after receiving.
  • Disable Reverse Transaction and Add Points/Credit if Point of Sale mode is disabled
  • Consistent displaying of Point Earned/Spent based on the Visual Point Multiplier setting.  
  • Can flip orientation of Zebra Marketplace labels by 180 degrees

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to apply loyalty points multiple times on a single line
  • On Loyalty Point Redemption we weren't capturing the Employee who processed it.
  • When editing Customer Loyalty Reward programs (Buy X)  you could over apply purchases to an existing program.  
  • Invalid LabelSubType Error when attempting to send a Marketplace Order to a Military Address utilizing Endicia.
  • Some hot keys (Alt F1 - find customer) were not working in POS->Marketplace Mode
  • Find All By Artist in Point of Sale search wasn't working for long artist names (> 19 characters)
  • Receipt reprints weren't displaying Point Redemptions
  • Receipts weren't displaying full coupon name
  • BOGO  promotions wouldn't apply if Get item was more expensive then Buy item