The Manage Timeclock button can be accessed via the Retail tab. This is where managers can view all employee punches for a given week and approve them. 

By default, the Week Ending is set to the previous week. To view a different week, click the Previous Week or Next Week buttons, or select a date and click Find Punches.

All people who logged time at the location will appear on this list, including employees helping out who are based in different locations. 
  • Names shown in red on this screen are employees with still outstanding punches (i.e., punches for which there is a Punch In but no corresponding Punch Out).

You may view individual punches for each person by clicking on their name in the top portion of the screen. The bottom portion breaks down each set of punches to show the departments where the employee worked and the hours worked. Any notes an employee made when punching in will be listed here as well, in case edits need to be made to a shift. Any edits can be made with the buttons highlighted below.

Add Punch

If an employee forgot to punch in for a shift at your store, you may add a punch by clicking the Add Punch button at the top of the Employee Punch List. In the Punch Form, select or type in the name of the employee and select the department in which they worked.

If an employee didn’t punch in for an entire shift, fill in both Punch In and Punch Out times. If the employee didn’t punch in at the beginning of a current shift, fill in just the Punch In time and check the Leave Empty box under Punch Out so that the employee can punch out when the shift is over. Almost all of the Punch Forms look the same, so editing a punch is easy.

Add Punch (Current)

To add a punch for the currently selected employee, click the Add Punch (Current) button. This brings up the Punch Form with the employee’s name already filled in. Enter in the appropriate punch information and click Submit.

Edit Punch

To edit an existing punch, select the appropriate punch then click Edit Punch. The employee’s name and punch information automatically fills in on the Punch Form. Make the necessary changes to the punch and click Submit.

Remove Punch

If a punch was made in error, select the punch then click Remove Punch.

You will be asked to provide a reason for removing the punch. The default reasons are:

  • Conflicting Punch
  • Duplicate Punch
  • Accidental Punch

Other reasons may be typed into this space. Additional notes may also be provided about the punch. Once a punch is removed, it disappears from the Employee Punch List.

**NOTE: If only the Punch Out needs to be removed, do this by going through Edit Punch and clicking Leave Empty under Punch Out.

View Audit Log

The Audit Log contains information about each punch. This allows you to see which punches were done by an employee and which ones were edited by the manager. Any notes made about these punches appear in the bottom portion of the window.


At the end of the week it is necessary to approve the hours for the week in order to pass them along to payroll. Click the Summary/Approve button in the top-right and a Week Summary window will appear.

Employees with punch errors will appear in a list in the left-hand column. When you click on a name, the corresponding name and entries will select in the Employee Punch List so that you may view the error.

A summary of the week is provided in the right-hand portion of the window. This information includes:

  • Missing Punches
  • Normal Hours Worked
  • Overtime Used
  • Holiday Used

In order to approve the hours for the week, a manager must enter their FieldStack username and password in the FieldStack Credentials portion to verify they have the authority to give approval. When they are verified, click the Approve Week button to submit the hours to payroll. Once a week has been approved, no further edits can be made to the approved punches, although the Audit Log can still be viewed to see the editing history of the entries.

For weeks that have already been approved, you can still go back and look at previous weeks' summaries; navigate to that week's list of punches and click the Summary/Approve button to view hours usage totals for that week.