Release Date: 1/30/2017

New Features

  • [Android] Can now suspend transactions from the FieldStack Android (Janam) application and complete them in the FieldStack application or FieldStack Android.
  • [Marketplace] Initial release of new Marketplace Fulfillment and Management System code put in place.  This will be activated on a client by client basis.  It should have no effect until that time and existing fulfillment system will be unaffected.
  • [POS] Point of Sale notification if a New item is on sale for less than the Pre-Owned item the customer is attempting to purchase
  • [Vendors] Vendor Invoice Entry Screen
  • [Warehouse] Warehouse Associate screen for maintaining Filing Locations.  Right-Click on Item Search results gives a screen where only this value can be entered so that they don't have access to other Item fields.


  • [POS] During drawer close process, if user cancels the "Reason" box when cash is out of balance, the Credit Card batch will not close.
  • [POS] Non-sellable customer returns were displaying a "send" line within along with the return.  This caused confusion and sometimes clerks would delete it or the refund line.  The "Send" line is now hidden
  • [POS] Made Resiliency Mode (formerly Offline Mode) more noticeable.  The title bar now turns a red/tomato color.
  • [POS] The Current Orders box now look back 31 days by default instead of 30
  • [POS] Customer Edit can now handle non-numeric characters which allows for support of Canadian Zip codes
  • [POS] In Point of Sale search, items with future sell dates are now highlighted to let clerk know they likely shouldn't sell them
  • [POS] Date Selector on Time Clock management screen works like other date fields.  After entering a date it still takes you to the Week Beginning date of the time period for the date chosen
  • [POS] Special order "Save" button now reads "Order X copies".
  • [POS] Can now print Gift Receipt from Search Invoices
  • [POS] Within FieldStack Email, Reply and Reply All buttons switched and improvements to short-cut keys have been put in place.
    [Item Management] Vendor Code referred to two different things.  We now refer to them as Product Source Group or Vendor Code appropriately.
  • [Item Management] Warning displayed if  you add a promotion price that is greater than normal shelf price
  • [Item Management] On item edit screen, product dimension labels now have units specified (lbs/inches)
  • [General] Excel Export now exports as xlsx (Excel 2007 +)
  • [General] Can now use column chooser when viewing the QOH Panel

Bug Fixes

  • [POS] Fixed some issues where if a transaction contained gift cards and buyback credit that was taxable.
  • [POS] Drawer was not opening after a transaction where a tip should be taken out.
  • [POS] Allow void for Credit Card transaction without having Integrated Payments enabled
  • [POS] Manager Override wasn't working when manager had upper case characters in password
  • [POS] Customer button was not becoming enabled on Search Invoice screen
  • [Item Management] Editing an item without viewing the Additional Information Tab, caused Filing Location to clear.
  • [Item Management] Editing order quantities sometimes caused an exception when entering non-numeric characters
  • [Item Management] Can now only enter whole cents as sale prices in promotion management. (e.g. no more $5.997 sale prices)
  • [Item Management] New Loyalty Program redemption items were getting set with a Filing Location of 0 instead of none.
  • [General] Item history tab could cause an exception if there were no active items in the item listing/search results
  • [General] Inventory Loader was not working for clients who don't support multiple item conditions