Punch In

If you are using FieldStack from a terminal with the time clock feature enabled, you will be prompted with a pop-up if you are not currently punched in.  
  • To clock in, hit Punch In and you will be clocked in until you manually clock out. 
  • This box also includes an option to select a department if you wish. It may be useful if you wish to track time spent in different tasks, or if you offer a wage differential for different job types (such as night shifts). 
  • The notes field can also be used to leave short messages about the nature of a punch which can be reviewed later.
    • For instance, an associate late to work due to traffic could note that upon punching in, and a manager would see that note when reviewing the punches at the end of the week.

Punch Out

To punch out, click on the Timeclock icon in the bottom right corner of FieldStack and select Punch Out

You will be shown a summary of your punch and there will be another notes field if there is anything else you need to add.

Punch History

Selecting View Punch History in the Timeclock menu will pull up a summary of all of your punches for the current week broken down by day and also as a total of all hours worked. 
  • A red ! will also appear next to any outstanding punches (punches for which there is a punch-in but no associated punch-out).
  • If a appears on a punch from a previous days it means that you didn't properly punch out and you should notify a member of management to adjust that punch for you.
  • Using << Previous Week and Next Week >> will also let you browse other weeks of punches, and total hours worked for previous weeks.

A video of the procedure: