When having sales or promotions for specific items it is necessary to keep track of a number of different details, such as the sale's start and end dates, where the item is placed in the store, and what the sale price is.  There are several different ways to list and display this information.  You can find these in the "Promotions Center" of the "Retail" tab.

The first method we'll use is the "Current by Alpha," which simply displays all current items part of a sale/promotion in alphabetical order.  The form will initially be blank, so you must choose your store from the drop-down menu located at the top of the page. You can also select whether to display the results as a Grid or a Report. Report is probably the best option for printing or quick viewing; Grid will let you sort the displayed results in a number of different ways if you need to group the results, e.g. by sale price.

After you choose your store, click on the "Run" button, which will generate the promotion list.  If you ran it as a Report, it will look like the one pictured below.  The promotions are alphabetized by item name.  This is most useful if you are trying to find a specific item's promotion information. You can also use the CTRL-F key combination, or click the icon of the binoculars towards the upper left of the report, to search within the report.

Another commonly used report is the "Current by Bin" list.  This shows the current promotions as grouped into their bins in alphabetical order.  This is formatted to be much more readable than the "Current by Alpha" list and allows you to determine which promoted items belong in what location of the store.

Also located in the "Promotions Center" section is the "Event/Concert Tickets"  list.  This will show all current tickets your location is currently selling (if your location sells event tickets).

There are two other reports to aid in keeping track of things coming on and off of sale.  The "Starting" report provides a list (in the same format as the Current by Bin report) of all items that will be going on sale. 

The final report is called the "Ending" report. Items that have gone off sale, or that remain on promotion but have changed pricing and/or positioning, will appear on this report. In combination with the Starting report, you can easily determine which items need prices or positions changed when they are going on or off promotion.