The Internet is wonderful but you can never have a perfect connection.  It's common for Internet Service Providers to undergo outage-causing maintenance, for routers to fail or act up, or for other situations to arise that cause a network disturbance. Whatever the reason may be, FieldStack is equipped to handle such a situation and can continue to process transactions and credit customers with points and store credit as usual.

If your location stocks less than 10,000 different items your location may take advantage of "enhanced" offline mode.  With enhanced offline mode enabled you will still be able to search for customers by telephone number as well as for regular items.  Though sale pricing may not be accurate, items will not appear as simply "Item" in a transaction if enhanced mode is enabled.  If an item is on sale, you can still manually change its price during the sale.

When FieldStack goes into resiliency mode you'll see a notice pop up in the lower-left corner of your screen.

Though this can cause issues, transactions and most functions involving customers should remain largely unaffected.

Scanning items in by the price label will yield item listings without names, but will have the correct price so the customer can still be charged correctly.  Scanning a barcode on an item's packaging will not bring up the item as usual, since this requires the program to fetch the associated title from a database.  If a customer wishes to buy an item without a sticker they will have to wait until an internet connection is achieved, or until you can locate another copy of the same item with a price sticker.

Customer accounts can also be used if the customer has their loyalty card, however you will not be able to search for them using the "Find Customer" button.

Once an Internet connection has been reestablished another alert will show in the lower-left portion of the screen. If any transactions were in the middle of processing during the outage, you will also be notified that transactions are processing.

When an Internet outage occurs, the program stores all transactions locally until it can reconnect to the database, at which time the transactions will be processed and customer points and store credit will be adjusted.