Sometimes it is necessary to merge two customer accounts, whether someone accidentally has multiple accounts or a married couple would like to combine their accounts to share points and credit.  This operation may be unavailable depending on your position in the store.  Typically this is reserved for managers only, as it results in a customer account being deleted. 

It is not uncommon for customers to accidentally open a second or even third account.  Often times if a customer hasn't shopped in the store for a long period they will forget that they had an account already or they will forget the personal information used to open the account.  The world's a big place and there are many customers with customer accounts that have the same name and often times phone number, address, zip code, and birthday are the categories your must rely on for identification.  If these weren't filled out properly or the customer doesn't recall what this information may have been it can be very difficult to track down their old account.  If a customer feels they'll be waiting 5 minutes just for you to search for their account, they'll often state they'd rather not bother with the account or they'll open up a new one. 

For this example, we'll suppose that a person by the name of Tom Smith has accidentally opened a second account.

Let's say the account with the 111 phone number is his original account.  Tom hasn't been in the store for a number of years and has gone through a few dozen phone numbers since then, so he opens up a new account with the 222 phone number.  A cashier realizes he has two accounts (in this case it's obvious to see from the address, birthday, and zip categories).  Like any customer would want to, Tom would like to be able to use whatever points he has on both accounts.  This is a very simple process, thankfully, and should only take a minute to complete; giving the customer use of all their accrued points/credit and not taking up much time in the process.

Firstly, identify the account with the most current information.  This will be the account that remains open since it means you won't have to update the information like you would if you kept the old one.  Here, we'll be keeping the 222 account, as it is his current phone number and address.  The 111 account will be closed as it is outdated.

Selecting the old account will bring you to the Customer Edit screen as usual.  Select "Close Account" (Alt-C).

You will be presented with this screen:

Select "Find Account to Transfer Points and Credit" and it will open up a customer search window.

Here we'll search for and select Tom's new account, the 222 account.  Notice that his new account has 5 points, while his old account has 10 points.

Also take note of the customer codes for each account

After you select the account to be transferred to, that account's customer code will display in red.  Always ensure you have the correct account, as this process is not reversible.

Once sure you have the correct accounts, click the "Close account and transfer points/credit to:" button.  You'll will then be prompted to confirm your account selection.

Click "OK" and another popup will display the success of the operation.

The merger/closing is now complete.  Tom's old 111 account is closed and all points/credit transferred to his new 222 account.

The quickest way to confirm this is to check the points/credit total on the right side of the screen.  If you remember, His old account had 10 points and his new account had 5 points, giving us a grand total of 15 points, which is displayed correctly.

Always double-check that the information on their remaining account is the correct information and that their FBC card is still linked to the correct account.  If they no longer have the correct card, it is easy enough to issue them a new one as shown in the "Replacing a Lost or Stolen FBC Card" article.

If a customer has more than one duplicate account, you will have to go through this process more than once.  For instance, if there are 3 total accounts you will need to merge and close 2.

Note: closed accounts will still show in customer search results, however they will be highlighted in red to signify that they are no longer active.

Combining or closing customer accounts from FieldStack on Vimeo.