New Features

Customer Merge 


  • Easier to use and more difficult to mess up accounts.
  • Previously you had to merge into the Web active account, now you can merge the Web active account into a non-Web active account. 
  • Previously store level associates couldn't merge Web active accounts, now they can
  • Account history will now show the transactions under the account that remains open

    Remaining Limitations

  • Loyalty Programs will be transferred to merged into customer, however if both customers have the same active program it will not combine them.  The customer will have two active programs under the manufacturer.    The Clerk can combine manually or you can let the customer complete them.  This will be addressed in a later version.
  • Customers with Auto-Ships can't be merged.   Due to security concerns we can't migrate payments from an account being closed into another account.  Since Auto-Ships have payments assigned those customers can not be merged in this process.

Additional Changes

  • For Manufacturer Loyalty Programs - In store customer service features are improved:
    • Remove a bag has you choose an actual purchased product and uses the retail price of that item to calculate coupon
    • Can no longer remove or add a bag to a completed program
  • For Manufacturer Loyalty Programs, you can now customize the "amount left on program" warning message and warning amount via a machine setting
  • In Marketplace Fulfillment, you can now reprint packing slips while in batch
  • In Marketplace Fulfillment you can now reprint packing slips and postage after the batch has been closed.
  • On the Current Orders screen, it now differentiates an Expired order from a Closed order.  You can now Close and expired order.  To receive against an Expired order you must now Close and the Reopen.
  • Ability to handle postage scales that send weight in decimal format 4.5lbs = 4lb 8oz.  It is in a Hidden Machine Setting called "Scale weight in pounds".
  • In Webstore Content management, a read-only field to show Short-URL
  • Malformed HTML checker in most content management areas
  • In Marketplace Customer Service, give a warning if you attempt to refund more than the original amount
  • Customer Special Orders screen now has an advanced search feature

Bug Fixes

  • In Marketplace Customer service, refunding a customer for an item and then recharging for that same item, didn't restore sales tax
  • In Marketplace Customer service, if you refunded more than original amount sales tax wasn't handled properly.
  • In Marketplace Customer service, the package delivery time was not showing actual time that carrier reported the package as delivered, it was converting it to UTC.
  • In Marketplace Fulfillment, the deferred Zebra label/packing slip had billing and shipping address flipped
  • In Marketplace Fulfillment, a manually updated mail class wasn't carrying through to fulfillment
  • In Edit Webstore Content, Customer HTML Menus were cleared when saving in certain areas
  • Manufacturer Loyalty programs could be redeemed with unqualified items in rare circumstances.  If itemCode 12345 was a valid product, itemCode 1234, 123, 2345 would all be redeemable.
  • Customer Manufacturer Loyalty programs that are at "0 of X" no longer print on receipt
  • On Office Find Customer Screen, price code was not being used.
  • Reprinting receipts over 6 months old sometimes caused a time-out error