Some video games have been coming out that contain a single use download code where that downloadable content is a significant part of the game. The packaging does not make it obvious which games fall into this category. At present, our pre-owned pricing algorithm doesn’t recognize these as being different than other $59.99 video games when it probably should. As a short-term solution we’ve added a new genre of “Downloadable Content” and we’re beginning the process of identifying these games. If that genre appears as the secondary type, a message saying “Contains Single Use DLC” will appear when that item is bought back. For now, this message only appears during the buyback process.

If you buyback video games there are a few potential things you can do with this new genre: 

  • Have the clerks react to the message during the buyback process (lower the offer, don’t buy it back). If you lower the offer, you’ll probably also want to have them lower the final sticker price 
  • Periodically review items that have this genre and manually override the buyback and sell price 
  • Mark the item as possibly not having the downloadable content so customers aren’t surprised 

The example below is an example of a game that we have marked. XB1/DESTINY (047875846937/$29.99) and XB1/DESTINY: THE TAKEN KING (047875874503/$59.99) contain the same game disk; the only difference is that The Taken King version has a single use download code that gives the user all the new and exciting content.