FieldStack now has the capability of extending credit terms to customers.  Credit limits can be given to any customer, but typically you'd extend credit to non-profit organizations or other business that do business with you.

Credit Limits are managed through the customer edit screen.  Only bookkeeper level employees and above will have access to change the credit limit field.  Other users will be able to see the value, but won't be able to see it.

Manage Customer Credit Limit

During check-out, credit limit and available credit is displayed.   If credit is granted and available, the “Use Credit” button will appear once an item is added to the transaction.  Credit applied cannot exceed the total transaction amount (i.e. a customer can’t convert available credit to cash).”

To view customers with credit limits and manage their balances and billing, there are 2 reports available within FieldStack.  The Customer Credit Accounts report shows all accounts that have credit limits extended to them along with their outstanding balance and summary of their last purchase and payment.

The Customer Credit Report, shows all customers who had activity in a given date range. It details their current account balance along with every transaction they have had in that time period, including any payments that were made.

Account Payments

To apply a payment in the store, utilize the Point of Sale, Add Credit function.  This can be done at a retail location or at the office.  This will put a balance on the screen and it can be paid for with all the normal payment methods.…cash, check or credit card.  This payment will be recorded and will be part of the location's nightly deposit.

To make a payment at the office,  you may add the credit via the Edit Customer->Adjust Credit function.


When a customer uses store credit, a signature receipt will print.  This should be retained as proof to the customer if there is ever a dispute over charges made to an account.