• Support for a shelf talker label type. 
  • Ability to force clerks to choose a PO# from the open orders list.  There are 3 modes, setable at the location level.
    1. Loose - User can type in a tracking number, choose a tracking number or leave tracking number blank
    2. Request PO Look-up - User is asked to choose a tracking number, but can enter one.  Can't leave blank. If user choose tracking number, all receives or sends are tightly bound to the order
    3. Tight - User must choose from list of tracking numbers.  All receives and sends are tightly bound to the order.   
  • Ability to load Excel Vendor Price updates.
  • Client level setting to have "Email Updates" checked by default on special orders when customer has an active Webstore account
  • Dashboard reporting capabilities
  • Ability to void a partial credit card approval from the Point of Sale screen

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fix to error being thrown when entering promotion management screen
  • Vendor prices were not being displayed on Buying Tab
  • Fix to the setting screen.  Save button was not always made available
  • Fix to the reprint price label page, where new pages would appear and old ones disappear
  • BOGO transactions weren't printing receipts