New Features

  • Ability to receive an entire vendor order at once. All remaining items on the order are added to the POS screen at once. This ability is a location level setting that is turned off by default.
  • Transaction ID bar code now on the receipt.  Scan this bar code in the Search Invoices or POS screen to bring up the original transaction.
  • Location level setting to block the closing of a drawer if there are any pending transactions open on any back screen.
  • When using Integrated Payments and the register goes offline, a new dialog prompts the clerk that Credit Cards must be processed using an external dial-up/wireless terminal.


  • BCR Dashboards can now drill down to transactions when appropriate
  • Find Transaction Screen amount parameter now searches on absolute values.  So for example, searching for 15.55 will bring back a $15.55 sale and a -$15.55 refund.
  • Credit Card transactions now can ONLY be reversed on the register where the original transaction occurred.
  • Better handling of "stuck" transactions when coming back from Offline events. Should process transactions more gracefully.


  • Label queue totals don't stay in sync between screens.
  • Promotion reason column wasn't being display in manage promotions area
  • Changing a PO#/Tracking# during a receive would change all previous items on screen
  • Removed your own name from the To list in Reply All emails.
  • Time Clock status message didn't update if you chose not to punch-in.
  • Amount range was being ignored when using the details only option in Find Transaction
  • Debit transactions were able to be reversed in some situations.