It is sometimes necessary to change a piece of information across multiple item listings, such as when labels change vendors or are discontinued.  To make the change to all applicable listings at the same time, first pull up the listings in the Item Listing screen in FieldStack.  This can be done by pasting a list of UPCs into the advanced Item Search window or by using some of the other search parameters (Manufacturer Name, for example) to create an initial screen of results.  These may be further refined using the filter options at the top of each column until you have just the listings displayed that require change.

Additionally, any report containing an item list grid may be copied for import into the bulk load editing screen.

In the top-right corner of FieldStack, click the Copy Items into FS-Clipboard icon.

When you do this, a new icon will appear.  This will allow you to pull the listings into an edit screen in the following step.

Next, go to on the Options tab and click the Bulk Load Items button.  This will open a blank listing editing screen.  Click the Paste items from FS-Clipboard icon to populate the grid with the items copied from the Item Listing screen.

The grid contains all editable pieces of information pertaining to the copied listings.  To make a change to a listing, simply click on the desired field and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu or enter in text.

When you want to change an entire column to the same piece of information, start by making the change to one of the items on the list then hit [ENTER].  Right-click on the field and choose Set All.  This will populate all the fields in that column with the newly entered information.

If you want to update some, but not all, listings with the information, hold the [CTRL] button and click on each listing to be updated, then right-click on the field with the new information and choose Set Selected.

**NOTE: Fields containing check boxes may be unselected to nullify their functions, but deleting information in text and date fields will not remove the information from the listings.  Deleting information can only be accomplished on the Item Edit screen of an individual item.

When all necessary information has been updated, select Allow Update in the bottom-right corner of the screen then click the Add to Database..  A small window will pop up letting you know if there were any problems.