New Features

  • Price label reprint screen for Zebra printers:
    • When using Zebra printers for printing labels, the Reprint screen no longer uses 'page' numbers and has been replaced with a transaction selector similar to the Search Invoices screen.
    • You can now reprint single labels or the entire transaction.
  • Cancelling a Special order with deposit will now add a deposit refund line to the current transaction.
    • Note: this has to be done through the POS and not the Customer Special Orders management screen.
  • New type of Coupon item for specialized discount types.
    • Allows for a coupon that only applies when certain criteria are met such as qty or sale total of items, specific Manufacturer or product categories, and fixed dollar or percentage discounts. (Contact SupportĀ for more detailed information.)

Additional Changes

  • "Shelf Price" button in Buyback Mode can now be enabled or disabled in settings.
  • Product price breaks can now be location specific.