New Features

  • Can now produce a signature receipt for on-account transactions (similar to a credit card purchase)
  • New "Search Current Items" button on most screens that contain an item list
  • Bulk Loader can now import items directly from other FieldStack screens containing an item list
  • Credit card transactions can now be reversed (voided) before the CC batch is closed (MUST be done on the same register/store)


  • Time-clock Punch window has been completely redesigned
  • Improved spacing on shelf talker labels
  • Buying tab adjusts itself better on lower resolution monitors
  • Bulk Loader now shows full text for Category and Type fields
  • Better handling of store credit and gift card use on receipts


  • Using reward points on non-taxable items was causing a sales tax discrepancy on the sale
  • Relabel mode wasn't properly using the label type choice
  • Email option for vendors without an active email will now not be available on Order List screen
  • Login window could sometimes block windows it shouldn't
  • Vendor panel on Buying tab no longer overlaps grid columns