Managing and editing loyalty programs can be done in the "Edit Detailed Loyalty Programs" button located in the "Loyalty Program" section of the Customers tab.

Loyalty programs can be used to reward customers for buying certain items, either to move stock or for some other reason.  A customer must have a loyalty account to participate in loyalty programs.  Loyalty programs can either reward the customer with a free item or with a discount on an item.  These rewards, visible as coupons in the POS screen,  Rewards cannot be redeemed in the same transaction as the purchase that completes the program, as the item is only counted towards a program after it has been purchased.

The "Edit Detailed Loyalty Programs" button brings you to a list of all currently active loyalty programs.  To view the items that qualify for each program, select the program form the list and click on the "Add/Remove Items" button.

Information about the currently-selected program is displayed in the right-half of the screen.  You can also make changes to the program in these fields as well.  A loyalty program must have a name, description, quantity necessary to purchase, quantity received as a reward, and a program type (either "Free Item" or "Money Off").  These fields will become blank when you click on the "Create New Program" button.  Clicking on "Save Changes" will save the new program or the changes you have made to an existing program.

When adding items to a program you must search for them (or have the UPC handy) in the search box that appears below the list of items currently in program.  Once you successfully locate an item you want to add, click the "Add Items" button.  Items highlighted in green indicate that an item is already included in a program.  it is generally not recommended to include an item in multiple programs.