FieldStack offers a great deal of options that allow business to tailor purchase points and loyalty programs to their needs.


Points value and rates can vary between location in several ways.

-Points accrual rate when buying items

-Points accrual rate when selling items

-Points value when purchasing items

After having selected a customer, their points total will display underneath their name on the transaction screen.  Their points are also visible in a column displayed in the "Find Customer" window.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Loyalty programs allow customers to earn a discounted or free item after purchasing a certain number of qualifying items.  For instance, a "Buy 5 get 1 free" deal would be considered a loyalty program.  Customers are typically auto-enrolled in these programs when they buy a qualifying item, since it has no detrimental affect on the customer.  However, some promotions may not auto-enroll the customer.

Loyalty programs cannot be started and redeemed in the same transaction.  If there is a "Buy 5 get 1 free" deal, then a customer cannot buy 5 items and get the free item in the same transaction.  A separate transaction must be made for the free item.  This is because a customer's loyalty programs are not updated until after they have actually purchased the items.

When a customer is enrolled in a loyalty program a green alert will appear next to the transaction total to inform you of their progress.  If they have purchased the number of items to be eligible for completion then an award coupon will automatically be added to the transaction, such as in the image below.  If the customer is not going to redeem this coupon during the transaction you can remove it from the item list.

If the customer is redeeming the coupon, all that's necessary is to scan an eligible item and the coupon will automatically be applied.  Loyalty programs can reward customers by negating the cost of an item or by discounting the cost of an item (Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 2 get 1 half-price).  If the reward is a free item the customer is still required to pay sales tax.

Clicking on the "Loyalty" button below a customer's points total will give you a list of their currently-enrolled programs and their progress for each, including ones that are complete and waiting to be redeemed.

For more detailed information on a customer's loyalty programs you can click on the "Loyalty Program" (ALT + Y) tab in the customer edit screen.  This will show specific purchase history.  Items are highlighted depending on if they are not redeemable (Red), have been redeemed (blue), or are eligible to be redeemed (green).