Loyalty Account 

The loyalty system allows customers to earn points and/or credit for incentive programs and for stores to keep track of the purchase history and contact information of customers.  

Examples of loyalty programs that FieldStack supports are:

  • Buy X programs where if you buy 10 bags of an item, you get the 11th one free or for $10 off
  • Earn a point for every $10, get 100 points and get a $10 coupon, 
  • Earn a point for every $15 get items for 1/2 price up to accumulated point amount) 

It is recommended that a loyalty accounts be issued to and used by customers:

•Returning or exchanging an item

•Selling used product

•Purchasing items with a check

•Placing a special order/hold

Setting Up a Loyalty Account

To open a new Loyalty Account, scan the barcode on the loyalty card you wish to issue from FieldStack's home screen. Or use ALT+F1 and click the button towards the bottom of the customer search that says 'Add Customer'. 

Once you do, you should see this:

Enter the relevant information for the customer. When finished, hit {Ctrl-S} to save.

Searching For an Existing Loyalty Account

To start, click the Find Customer button, or hit {Alt+F1}.

Doing so will bring up the Find a Customer window.

From here, you can find a customer by entering their name or phone number. Select the correct customer, and hit {Enter} to bring up the customer's account. After doing so, FieldStack's home screen will display the customer's card like this:

It will show any store credit or loyalty points the customer has.